The Triangle Company

All of your needs met by one company.


The Triangle Company was originally founded to modernize the healthcare industry by bringing in experts from the pharmaceutical, artificial intelligence, and robotics industries (hence the triangle). However, once Ichiro Takahashi took over as CEO, and Daichi discovered the serum, the company's corporate strategy changed from that of a traditional drug company to leveraging the serum's long-term effects to consolidate world's wealth and power structures.

Rise to power

Volunteer Phase

Originally, the use of the serum was completely voluntary. Anyone who preferred a comatose, euphoric existence to the realities of life could voluntarily be plugged into the Triangle Company's Tamashi machines forever, where they would be given TV-screens to place over their heads and hospital beds to live out their days in ignorant bliss. However, this was not the full scope of Takahashi's plan.

Profit Phase

Once the serum gained popular appeal, the Triangle Company began charging exorbitant prices for this service. Since the service promised to last the customers' entire lives, their entire life savings was considered justified price. After some time, politicians, executives, and other people of wealth and power began using the service, which led into the next phase.

Influence Phase

After the Triangle Company had acquired massive wealth from high net-worth individuals, they used their newfound wealth to buy influence into governments and other corporations that had been destabilized by their leaders leaving. After a few years, the Triangle Company was able to determine legislation on how their serum was treated around the world, and the ways it could be used.

The Slippery Slope

First, the Triangle Company's serum became legal to use in place of capital punishment, as a more humanitarian alternative. Then, it became a voluntary alternative to prison. Finally, due to budgetary and ethical concerns, prisons were replaced worldwide by Triangle Company facilities that housed people plugged into Tamashi machines.

Soon after, laws became more strict across the world. More and more people were being sent to prison. As the global population thinned, and the Triangle Company's power became absolute, some people caught on to Takahashi's devious plan. Riots and protests took place in the streets. Oftentimes, these protests turned suddenly violent, and the police arrested everyone and sent them to Triangle Company facilities, yet these same violent individuals would keep appearing.

A group of protestors discovered that the violent disruptors were part of a network of gangs employed by the Triangle Company called the Fourth Corner. Once they discovered that protests were no longer possible, the Triangle War began.

The Triangle War

A group of rebels containing Kitsune, Long, Senshi, and hundreds of others rebelled against the Triangle Company and fought to usurp their power. Ultimately, this group, known as the 'Resistance' lost, and those left alive were plugged into Tamashi machines against their will.

Known former employees

Takahashi, Order, Superior, Witch, Design, Coder, Chem, Math, Noir.

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