Mirai Labs is an arm of Studio Mirai that focuses on partnering with like-minded teams to incubate and develop products and services. Our sole focus is on working with teams and projects that are looking to build sustainable businesses and solve real problems with practical applications of blockchain technologies.

What are some benefits that Mirai Labs offers?

  • For builders, working with Mirai Labs offers access to an engaged community which can be leveraged for various tasks like beta testing, user feedback rounds, and more. Builders also gain access to an experienced team of blockchain professionals with expertise in technical development (frontend/backend/smart contract), content creation and branding through Mirai Media, tokenomics strategy, as well as Studio Mirai’s ever-growing list of partners.

  • For investors, working with Mirai Labs offers access to projects that are individually vetted by the Studio Mirai team. We only work with projects that have sustainable/realistic business models and demonstrate practical utility of blockchain technologies. For example, any project that relies on token inflation for bootstrapping user growth is an automatic “NO” in our eyes. We want to projects that utilize token incentives as icing on the cake, and not the cake itself. Doing due diligence to find projects that meet our expectations requires a firm understanding of off-chain vs. on-chain development (and how to marry the two), tokenomics and the consequences of various issuance models, how various characteristics of blockchain can impact the UX of an app, and more. Investors who work Mirai Labs will gain direct access to vetted projects at the ground floor.

  • For our community, projects that work with Mirai Labs must commit to some form of incentive for Studio Mirai community members. This can come in a variety of forms and is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Two examples of community incentives would be early access to a new application or committing a percent of governance token inflation to SM NFT holders.

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