The Machin is a set of three NFT collections that represent the expansion and innovation of Studio Mirai as a brand.


Machin is our second collection, and consists of 10,000 generative NFTs. In terms of collection size, Machin is 100x larger than Tamashi. While the goal of the Tamashi collection was to establish a foundational base for the Studio Mirai community and to experiment with various engagement strategies, the goal for Machin is to grow the community.

Crypto is unquestionably a tribal space. People gravitate towards different chains, and it’s very difficult to convince them to migrate across chains. While ICON has provided us with a solid home base to bootstrap our community and project, expanding outside of ICON is the only way to scale up the Studio Mirai community over the long term.

Design Philosophy

Prime Machin

The Prime Machin collection explores the dynamicity of rarity by allowing users to decide whether to upgrade their NFT to include color, or keep it black and white. Once colored, it cannot be uncolored. This allows the community to determine what configuration is most valuable. Is it the first Machin to be upgraded to color, or is it the last Machin to remain uncolored?

Enforcer Machin

The Enforcer Machin collection takes the Prime's design philosophy a step further by leveraging dynamic NFTs to allow users to be in control of their traits. Enforcer Machin will be able to unequip, sell, and equip traits at will, creating a whole new NFT economy and a way for everyone to build their perfect Machin army.


The Machin were created by Coder by the demand of Ichiro Takahashi to oppose the Tamashi. They're controlled by Bridge, who is in turn, controlled by Ichiro Takahashi. As of Book 3, their current objective is to return every Tamashi to the facility and their serum-induced slumber.

There are three groups of Machin designed to excel in three different areas.

  1. Prime Machin - They're smaller in stature, made of sleek curved metal and are remarkably intelligent. They're trained using a transformer/neural-net hybrid model and are much more intelligent than other Machin.

  2. Enforcer Machin - Enforcer Machin are, on average, six and a half feet tall. Their large hulking bodies are perfect for combat, for which they're designed. They utilize a sophisticated version of the minimax algorithm. Although they're less intelligent than other Machin, they are undoubtedly the strongest.

  3. Android Machin - Android Machin are very creative and humanlike. They were designed with an Actor-Critic algorithm to mimic the behaviors of humans. For that reason, they behave very much like people and are able to think and thrive in ways that other Machin cannot.

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