The Story of Nozomi is our ongoing series that fleshes out the Nozomi lore. This story serves to add deeper meaning to our main collections by developing the Tamashi as primary characters. The Machin will also be featured here as background characters that will have an evolving role as the story progresses. Our current long-term plan is to continue developing the story with a rotating cast of characters. As some Tamashi become better developed, different Tamashi will take center stage with our eventual goal being a full cast of 100 fleshed out Tamashi characters. This will allow users to connect with the Tamashi on a deeper, more individual level.

In terms of intellectual property, the Story of Nozomi is one of our most important assets. Having a story provides us with an infinitely malleable way to create context and shape narratives around our NFTs. Furthermore, it allows both NFT owners and our broader audience to form an emotional connection with our brand. In the future, the Story of Nozomi will remain a core focus for our team, and our goal is to expand the scope of the story both in terms of depth as well as medium.

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