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Enforcer Machin is a dynamic NFT (dNFT) collection on the Sui blockchain. The Enforcer Machin collection leverages Sui's object-based design, which allows for complex relationships between objects. In the context of this collection, this means the Enforcer Machin "Base" (think of this as the skeleton) is one object, while each individual trait (armor sets, screen designs, backgrounds, and more) is also an object. Thus, the relationship can be thought of as "a user owns an Enforcer Base, which in turn owns its traits".

How We Use Dynamic NFTs

Level System

Enforcer Machin NFTs can be leveled up. At mint, each Enforcer is assigned a level between 1 and 10. An Enforcer's level determines what kind of equipment it can equip. For example, a certain armor set might require a minimum level of 35 to equip. Enforcers can be leveled up with Level-Up NFTs which can only be purchased at MiraiMart (coming soon) with KOTO or acquired through community events and giveaways. The most important thing to note is that Level-Ups can't be purchased on third-party NFT marketplaces.

    enforcer_id: 1234
    minter: "0x..."

Practically speaking, the level of an Enforcer Machin at any given time can be calculated by adding its base level and number of Level-Ups. So, if an Enforcer has a base level of 20, and holds 50 Level-Ups, its level is 70.

The process of leveling up an Enforcer is easy. When you receive a Level-Up NFT, just click a button to assign it to the designated Enforcer (specified by the enforcer_id in the LevelUp object). The LevelUp object also has a a minter parameter which stores the Sui address of the user who minted the Level-Up NFT. This means it's possible to mint a Level-Up for someone else, but still receive credit for the engagement you put in to mint that Level-Up!

This system is actually very different from how NFT leveling systems typically work, and we purposefully designed it this way. In a traditional leveling system, the level is expressed as a number with no other context, and doesn't provide a way for anyone to derive the meaning behind the level. Our system is different. Every Level-Up NFT held by an Enforcer NFT includes the Sui address of the person who spent KOTO (which is a derivative of time/engagement) to mint it. Thus, we can look at a Level 100 Enforcer, and know exactly who was responsible for leveling it up.

The level system provides us with an objective tool that links an NFT with the level of engagement of one or more Studio Mirai community members. This is a powerful tool for both internal and external use. Internally, we intend to make heavy use of the leveling system (and similar systems in future NFT collections) to provide highly-engaged community members with perks and benefits for our upcoming products and services (including early platform access, access to an initial token distribution to bootstrap the network, access to special events, and more). Externally, the level system provides Studio Mirai partners with an objective API to access individuals who have a proven track record of caring about Studio Mirai and engaging in the community. What our partners do with this data is up to them, but we're excited to be able to offer it!

Swappable Traits

Enforcer Machin NFTs have hot-swappable traits. This means you have the ability to customize the look of the Enforcer Machin. If you don't like a certain "screen" or "armor set", just swap it out with another one. Since traits are single NFTs as well, they also have their own rarity system and will be tradable on secondary markets.

Enforcer Machin NFTs can be leveled up. At mint, each Enforcer is assigned a level between 1 and 10 (on a scale from 1-100). An Enforcer's level determines what kind of equipment it can equip. For example, a certain armor set might require a minimum level of 35 to equip. Enforcers can be leveled up via a special level-up NFT which can only be purchased with KOTO or acquired through community events and giveaways.

What is a Trait?

In the context of the Enforcer Machin collection, a trait is a unique NFT that can be equipped by an Enforcer – technically speaking, the process of "equipping a trait" involves giving the Enforcer Machin NFT ownership of the Trait NFT.

Here's what the structure of a Trait NFT may look like:

    class: "powerpack"
    type: "powerpack_dual-samurai-swords"
    level: 35
    collaborator: "0x..." | None
    collaborator_royalty: 5

Let's break down each aspect of the Trait NFT.

  • class – Enforcer Machin have 9 classes of traits (armLeft, armRight, background, chest, headwear, internals, powerpack, screen, skin).

  • type - The unique name of the trait.

  • level - the minimum Enforcer level required to equip the trait.

  • collaborator - the address of the collaborator who worked with us to create a trait.

  • collaborator_royalty - the royalty percentage on primary/secondary sales that will be paid to the collaborator that worked with us to create a trait.

The first three parameters (class, type, and level) are pretty self-explanatory. The collaborator and collaborator_royalty are much more interesting. Dynamic NFTs provide us with a mechanism to react to changes in the cultural landscape of crypto. From the user's or holder's perspective, a practical implementation of this mechanism is the ability to collaborate on new traits with outside brands in a meaningful way.

For example, if Studio Mirai can partner with a wallet app to drop a special edition set of traits that can only be equipped by a Level 35 or higher Enforcer Machin. Then, holders who equip the special edition traits on a specific date would be eligible to receive early access to the wallet app. This is a win-win situation for both Enforcer Machin holders, as well was as collaborators. Holders gain early access to the wallet app and receive a set of special edition traits. The wallet app gets access to a provably-engaged set of users (to level up Machin, one needs KOTO, and to receive KOTO, one must engage in the Studio Mirai community), and a royalty amount (specified in the collaborator_royalty parameter) on each secondary sale.

How Trait Supplies Work

In the Enforcer Prototypes collections, every trait has an associated "circulating supply" and "total supply. In the screenshot below, 13 is the circulating supply and 50 is the total supply.

In the context of the Enforcer Prototypes collections, circulating supply refers to the number of Enforcers that currently have the trait equipped. Total supply refers to the quantity of the trait that will exist after the post-Phase 3 transition to dNFT. So, in this example, there are 13 instances of gatling-gun-quint-barrel that are currently equipped. After the transition to dNFT, another 37 will be available for sale on our marketplace, which gives a total supply of 50 (13 + 37 = 50).

With that said, 50 might not end up being the final total supply! Before each trait drop, there will be a period of 48 hours where holders can burn $KOTO to decrease the total supply. For example, the 13 holders of the above trait may want to work together to reduce the total supply of the trait to 20 by burning $KOTO. With a total supply of 20, we would then drop 7 additional instances (13 + 7 = 20) of this trait versus the original 37. This burn system provides $KOTO with further utility within our ecosystem. We are still working on finalizing the details of the burn system, so stay tuned for further updates as we approach Phase 3 of our launch strategy.

Post-dNFT, there will be a similar kind of total supply reduction system. For a new trait, we may announce a total supply of 500. Depending on how holders feel about the trait, as well as the associated benefits of the trait (e.g. some incentive that's spread across owners of Enforcers that equip the trait), they may be incentivized to try to reduce the total supply as much as possible. Thus, 48 hours before the 500-piece drop, $KOTO holders will have opportunity to burn $KOTO in order to reduce the total supply. Ultimately, this will be a fun display of game theory. While a lower total supply may result in a rarer trait, it will also make purchasing the trait more competitive.

Dynamically-Generated Artwork

Enforcer Machin artwork doesn't use a traditional layering system, and is instead 3D-rendered dynamically in realtime! If you look at some of the sample art, you can see that small details such as lighting and reflections vary slightly depending on attached equipment. So, if you swap traits, our system will automatically render a new Enforcer image that can be accessed at the same URL.


The Enforcer Machin roadmap is split into three phases, and consists of various milestones that transform "Enforcer Machin Prototypes" to fully-fledged "Enforcer Machin" dynamic NFTs.

Phase 1 (May 2023)

In Phase 1, we will launch the "Enforcer Machin Prototypes 01" collection on the Clutchy launchpad. In this phase, 1,333 Enforcer Machin Prototypes will be available for mint. An Enforcer Machin Prototype is a static NFT that's assigned a level and an initial set of traits. It's important to note that Enforcer Machin Prototypes do not have swappable traits. Instead, think of Prototypes as traditional PFP-style NFTs with unique 3D-generated artwork.

Phase 2 (est. July 2023)

In Phase 2, we will launch the "Enforcer Machin Prototypes 02" collection on the Clutchy launchpad. In this phase, another 1,333 Enforcer Machin Prototypes will be available for mint.

At this time, we will also launch a dashboard where Studio Mirai Discord members can log in and create their own Enforcer Machin using a subset of traits. This interactive platform will serve as an opportunity for our community to familiarize themselves with the swapping process in an off-chain environment. In doing so, our team will be able to refine the user interface in preparation for the eventual transition to on-chain swappable traits.

During this phase, we also plan to engage the community through various events and contests centered around creating your own Machin. These events will not only foster interaction and creativity within the community, but also provide members with the opportunity to earn KOTO, which can then be utilized to level up their Machin during Phase 3.

Phase 3 (est. September 2023)

In Phase 3, we will launch the "Enforcer Machin Prototypes 03" collection on the Clutchy launchpad. In this phase, the final 667 Enforcer Machin Prototypes will be available for mint.

Following the Phase 3 mint, we will deploy a set of custom contracts on the Sui network and upgrade our dashboard to support the advanced features of the Enforcer Machin collection. With these two pieces in place, users will gain the ability to upgrade their Enforcer Machin NFTs, enabling support for swappable traits and dynamic leveling. We will also airdrop single NFTs that correspond to the traits of the original Enforcer Machin minted during Phase 1.

We understand the importance of user-friendliness, and as such, we have designed this migration process to be as straightforward as possible. There's no need to worry about the technical details, as we will ensure that the transition is smooth and hassle-free for all users involved.


Why Sui?

Sui's object-based design provides us with the perfect set of primitives to implement the Enforcer Machin dNFT collection. Sui/Move allows objects to own objects, which is the exact design pattern we need for use cases like "Enforcer NFTs owning Trait NFTs and Level-Up NFTs".

Where can I mint Enforcer Machin?

Enforcer Machin will be available on the Clutchy Launchpad in May 2023. The exact date has not been decided, and we will update this answer when a date has been decided.

What's the relationship between a trait's level and its rarity?

There is no correlation between a trait's level and its rarity. A Level 10 trait (this means it can only be equipped on Machin with a level greater than or equal to 10) can be limited to 50 pieces, while a Level 50 trait can have 200 pieces. The Enforcer Machin collection takes the Prime's design philosophy a step further by leveraging dynamic NFTs to allow users to be in control of their traits. Enforcer Machin will be able to unequip, sell, and equip traits at will, creating a whole new NFT economy and a way for everyone to build their perfect Machin army.

Where can I read more about the lore of the Enforcer Machin?

Read the lore on the strongest group of Machin on the main Machin page here.

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