The Collection


Tamashi is our “OG” collection, and consists of 100 hand-drawn PFP-style NFTs. Compared to other debut projects from other NFT studios which often launch with thousands of NFTs, the Tamashi collection is comparatively small at 100 pieces. By limiting the initial number of Studio Mirai NFT owners to 100, we were able to experiment with various engagement strategies and build a tight-knit core community in an efficient manner.

Functionally speaking, our intention with the Tamashi collection is to provide Tamashi owners with additional (optional) responsibilities relating to the Studio Mirai ecosystem. For example, Tamashi owners will be able to directly influence the development of Studio Mirai projects like the Mirai Heroes TCG, Mirai DAO, the Story of Nozomi, future NFT collections, and more.

As the Studio Mirai project grows over time, there will be more and more responsibilities for Tamashi NFT owners to take on. To allow for meaningful collaboration to occur at scale, we realized we couldn’t limit the pool of contributors to 100. For example, someone who is interested in contributing to the development of the Mirai Heroes TCG may have zero interest in influencing the Story of Nozomi. With this in mind, limiting the ability to contribute to Studio Mirai projects strictly to Tamashi owners would be inefficient. This is where Tamashi derivatives come into play!


A Tamashi derivative is an NFT that leverages the original design of a Tamashi, and reimagines it in a different art style. Since a Tamashi derivative is designed to be an extension of the original Tamashi, they are always airdropped for free to the owner of the original Tamashi. Functionally speaking, a Tamashi derivative grants its owner the ability to work with the Studio Mirai team on specific projects. This provides a more scalable framework for collaboration between Tamashi owners and the Studio Mirai team because it allows for more people to be get involved in the projects and areas they actually care about.

As of October 2022, two derivative Tamashi collections have been announced:

  • 8-Bit Tamashi — owners of these NFTs are able to gain access to the #TamashiTribe role on Discord without having to own an OG Tamashi.

  • Mirai Heroes Game Master ID (est. Q1 2024) — owners of these NFTs will be eligible to work with the Studio Mirai team on the game mechanics for the Mirai Heroes TCG and future games.

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