The Tamashi is the "OG" NFT collection that represents the Studio Mirai IP and the foundation of the brand.

Tamashi is a collection of 100 uniquely-created individuals looking to rebuild the soul of their long-lost world in their new capital city of Nozomi.


After the Triangle War, the Triangle Company had successfully forced all living people into serum-induced comas. Several years later, 98 survivors emerged from a Triangle Company facility to rebuild the world according to their idealistic vision.

Their struggles to build their ideal world has led to 3 major conflicts:

  1. The Gang regime (Book 1)

  2. The Order v Chaos war (Book 2)

  3. The Machin invasion (Book 3)

At the start of book 3, it was revealed that the Tamashi were awoken deliberately by the CEO of the Triangle Company, Ichiro Takahashi, so that he could conquer the world once again. This led to the final two Tamashi, Bridge and Takahashi himself.

Term of Origin

The term 'Tamashi' originally came from the 'Tamashi headset' manufactured by the Triangle Company for people to wear when they were in serum-induced comas. This was both to better sedate them, and for marketing reasons. People more easily volunteered to be sedated if they saw a TV head advertized than someone drooling on a hospital bed. This product was designed by Design.

While the term Tamashi, at the surface, is the technology that imprisoned them, the citizens of Nozomi have recontextualized it to stand for who they are, mistakes and all, as they move towards a new world together.

Why are their TV heads still on in the story?

While the Tamashi heads contain all the necessary functions to live and communicate, the decision to keep the heads on began as a cultural decision to embrace their true selves. Ironically though, the collective eagerness to do so may have been influenced by the decision to hide their identities. As Book 3 revealed, all of the Tamashi were hand-picked by Takahashi himself, many of which included prominent Triangle Company or Resistance figures who might prefer to keep their identities hidden.

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